City of Bozeman lends $1.7M for sports complex

Bozeman Sports Park

The city of Bozeman will loan close to $1.7 million to the Bozeman Sports Park Foundation. The loan will be used to install artificial turf fields at the Bozeman Sports Park. The decision was made at Monday night’s city commission meeting.

Construction on the park started last year. Total cost for the project is expected to be $20 million. The city has already contributed $8.4 million through the Trails, Open Space and Parks bond.

City Commissioner Terry Cunningham said the loan is important to the health and well being of city residents.

“Kids are, right now, practicing lacrosse in barns. They’re practicing soccer in warehouses, because we don't have the artificial turf fields for them to go out and play. In the summer we don’t have the fields to accommodate the growing population,” he said.

The loan will be paid back with user fees over the next 20 years. That means it will not come at a cost to taxpayers.

City documents said the turf fields will be able to support more “intense use and will be able to be played on at times of the year that grass fields cannot be used due to weather and maintenance issues.”

The sports park foundation said the loan will allow the park to open in the fall with four grass fields and two turf fields.

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