Coldest air of the season doesn't only impact people


    Some of the coldest temperatures western Montana has seen this season will be arriving overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Single-digit and lows below zero are expected. Temperatures for this time of year should be around the low to mid 30s.

    The cold temperatures can impact more than just you, but your car and your pets as well.

    According to AAA, your car battery loses about 60 percent of its strength at zero degrees Fahrenheit and 30 percent at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Rock salt and antifreeze are poisonous to pets, so with temperatures this cold it’s a good idea to cut walks short and to wipe pets’ paws after walks.

    Western Montana usually sees its coldest day of the year between Dec. 21 and 25. Temperatures should trend closer to normal by the end of the weekend, but the coldest temperatures are yet to come.

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