Corvallis senior pursues football dreams

Photo courtesy of Andrea Shay

Linebacker Garrett Brown has always wanted to play football and coming from the small town of Corvallis, Montana the opportunity was always there, especially because of his size.

“When you talk to older guys and they see a big kid and they're like you’re going to be a great football player so as soon as I could I was like I’m going to try this out,” said Garrett Brown.

Browns ability to be a standout at left tackle allows him to become a leader and build a relationship with his teammates into lifelong friends.

"You know if we're doing a team meeting or out on the field we're right next to each other and play football with your brothers,” said Brown.

The motivation Brown gets comes from another Corvallis graduate and now Montana Grizzly football player, Jesse Sims.

"I’ve just been meeting these goals and one of these goals was to play college ball and that's a thing I’m getting to know, I've always had high expectations for myself but so far their things I’ve reached and done in my career,” said Brown.

Brian Shay, Garrett’s step-father has seen him dominate for years on the football field.

“He was bigger than all the rest of the kids he couldn't touch the ball for all the years he played so he became an offense and defensive lineman and just his ability to dominate,” said Shay.

Not only is Garrett a great football player, he’s also intelligent in the classroom, and has even received scholarships to Ivy league schools. But he’s hoping to attend college close to home because he’s a Montana kid at heart.

"When you get out there and your alone and there is a beautiful view there is nothing else that makes you think of the world and everything around you and how beautiful it is and that's something that if you can see every day that's the dream,” said Brown.

Brown has a bright future and with potential athletic scholarships to multiple universities, he’s just hoping to finish his high school career with a state championship.

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