Cross-country visitors help with sandbagging effort

Zack Baddorf and his fiance are helping fill sandbags while they are travelling around the west coast.

As sandbagging headquarters for Missoula flood relief moved to Fort Missoula the support hasn’t diminished. Sandbagging has reached all the way to the Empire State.

Zack Baddorf and his fiancée were traveling from the West Coast when they decided to help lay some sandbags.

"I came to volunteer with Team Rubicon, to give back in this way as little as I can to give back to the community, so I decided why not devote some time as we make our way back to the east coast,” Baddorf said.

Baddorf and his fiancée live in Brooklyn, New York, and say they didn’t know too much about the flooding, but wanted to help.

“I don't know a whole lot about the flooding, but I do know that this stuff could get worse, and the work we're going to do is help prevent flooding of the area,” Baddorf said.

Team Rubicon has been manning the relief efforts for the last eight days, and now they have a lot of extra sandbags ready for homeowners to use before rivers rise again this weekend.

“We have about 200 sandbag pallets out in our field, so we’re stocked up and ready to go. We’re asking homeowners to come out and get those sandbags while there is this surplus,” operations section chief for Team Rubicon Alex Schwier said.

The latest numbers reflect all the support Missoula has received. According to team Rubicon they’ve had over 1,700 volunteers, 87,500 sandbags filled and 88 truckloads of sand, which equals 1,750 tons of sand. Those donations, Baddorf said, are one of the reasons he wanted to help.

“Inspiring to work with veterans and civilians and give back in any way that I can,” Baddorf said.

Donations are still being accepted, and you can go to Fort Missoula and talk with a Team Rubicon member about donating.

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