Crow Tribe clears up endorsement confusion

Matt Rosendale and Jon Tester

Another plot twist over who the Crow Tribe is endorsing in the U.S. Senate race for Montana. It turns out Republican challenger Matt Rosendale and incumbent Democratic Sen. Jon Tester were both wrong -- the tribe isn’t endorsing anyone.

We first told you Wednesday when Rosendale’s campaign said the Crow Tribe endorsed him. In a ceremony, elders gave Rosendale an honorary robe. The tribal chairman, A.J. Not Afraid, said Rosendale and the White House agenda fit the needs of the Crow Tribe.

Tester’s camp told us they thought he had the tribe’s endorsement, and just the tribal chairman backed Rosendale.

A Crow Tribe spokesperson told NBC Montana on Wednesday, “As the Chairman, his endorsement is representative of the Crow Tribe. So, yes, the Crow Tribe and/or the Chairman has endorsed Matt Rosendale.”

However, on Thursday, the tribe cleared it up and sent a letter out over social media that said the chairman doesn’t have the authority to endorse anyone without getting Crow Tribal Government approval.

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