Cyndy Andrus declares victory in Bozeman mayoral race


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Current City Commissioner Cyndy Andrus declared victory in the Bozeman mayoral race Tuesday night.

Surrounded by her supporters, she announced at around 8:30 p.m. that about 90% of the ballots were counted and that she led the vote with about 58% of the votes counted. The Gallatin County Elections office confirmed that with NBC Montana at that time as well.

"Well I'm excited, I'm relieved. It's been a great campaign, but it feels really good to have it end this way," said Andrus. "I'm just so extremely honored that the Bozeman community would support me in this effort. I'm really excited to become the next mayor and I'm so appreciative of all the votes that came in tonight."

Andrus' parents and family were present at the party that was held at the Story Mansion off of Willson Avenue. A number of city officials were present at the party, including City Manager Chris Kukulski, Deputy Mayor Carson Taylor and City Commissioner Chris Mehl.

Andrus will not become mayor just yet. Deputy Mayor Carson Taylor will become mayor this January, while Andrus will become deputy mayor for two years. After that, she will officially become the mayor of Bozeman.

"Two years is a long ways away, but I think my first priority will be to continue to bring into fruition all the things that we have going on right now," said Andrus.

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