Elk downs research helicopter, similar operation in Montana

Elk capturing operation in Montana

Two people are recovering after an elk took down their helicopter in Utah. Contracted by the Division of Wildlife Resources, they were in the process of netting the elk when it jumped and hit the tail rotor of the helicopter.

The crew was attempting to net the elk, sedate it and fly it back to put a collar on it for further study.

Less than a month ago a similar netting helicopter accident happened in Washington. That accident killed one person.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is currently conducting a similar operation involving bighorn sheep and mountain goats. FWP hopes to gather information to learn more about herd health and movement. FWP’s operation is being conducted in the Madison and Gallatin Ranges until March 1.

FWP said, "We take the safety of our staff and operation personnel very seriously, as well as the captured wildlife and the public. Again, we have urged the public for their safety -- through the media -- to avoid these wilderness capture areas."

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