Employees help clean up after early morning fire at Sola Caf


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Employees helped clean up after an early morning fire at Bozeman's Sola Caf.

We spoke with the cafe's owner, Tiffany Lach, Friday. She told us bakers showed up just before four Friday morning, saw smoke and called 911. Fire fighters were able to put the fire out before it did too much harm.

Lach says most of the damage is confined to the storage room where the fire started. However, there is also water and soot damage downstairs.

She says they'll have to replace the hot water heater and phone lines. The phone lines, Lach says, were one of the first things to burn in the fire. That's why the fire department wasn't notified immediately when the blaze broke out. Lach says the salon next door saw most of the damage. She says the fire appears to have started from an electrical box connected the solar panel that heats their water.

"This is the kind of thing that you could just never predict. You had something installed and you trust it and the people who installed it trusted it and the people who built it probably trusted it. So, you just don't know," says Lach.

All of the usable food was donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Lach says she hopes to have the caf re-opened by the end of the weekend.

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