First-ever Clydesdale competes at Rebecca Farm

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    Some 650 horses come from all over to compete in The Event at Rebecca Farm, but this year there is one horse that stands out.

    Hooves jumped over fences on Friday at Rebecca Farm, but something people have never seen before at Rebecca Farm was feathered hooves soaring through the air.

    "She's the first full Clydesdale to do the Novice Three-Day at Rebecca Farm," said competitor Cortney McDaniel.

    McDaniel owns and rides Charlotte the eventing Clydesdale. She said Charlotte seemed destined for jumping.

    "I bought her to be our new vaulting horse, but she didn't love it,” McDaniel said. “But she loved to jump, and I had never jumped, so we found our trainer, Jenny Holbrook, and she was like, ‘Let’s do it, let's try out -- we will try eventing.’"

    Now they are at Rebecca Farm, leaping through the cross-country course.

    "She's like a big couch to sit on,” McDaniel told NBC Montana. “She's got the go, and she's so brave, but it's definitely a lot easier to sit over the jumps if she does get a little squirmy."

    There were some challenges McDaniel and Charlotte faced.

    "She's also a hotter horse, so to get her temperature back down to a reasonable temp was a concern of mine,” said McDaniel. “This was definitely a test of our endurance and all the work we put into it."

    McDaniel told NBC Montana going through the 17 jumps on the cross-country course was the hardest part, and they did refuse one jump, but overall McDaniel thinks it went really well.

    "This was my goal, so now it's kind of up to her,” said McDaniel. “If she wants to do a few novices here and there and keep going, I'm all for it. It's her turn."

    Then maybe more people will get a chance to see the eventing Clydesdale.

    For more information on Charlotte click here.

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