Flathead deputies start to carry Narcan

    Flathead deputies trained this week with Narcan training spray. (NBC Montana)

    Flathead County sheriff’s deputies are joining other agencies across the state in carrying Narcan spray. The spray can save some from an overdose.

    The funding for Narcan comes from a Montana measure passed two years ago.

    Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino said he's excited his deputies are trained and now carrying the spray. After all, he said, the ability to save a life is an important part of the job.

    "With us carrying that now we have that readily availability,” said Heino. “EMS and medical and fire, of course, are essential parts of that response, as well, but sometimes with us being out there 24 hours a day we might just get there a little quicker on one of those occasions."

    Heino said they will carry Narcan along with other medical equipment the department already carries in their vehicles.

    Only a couple deputies still have to go through the training.

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