Flood waters knock over Missoula power poles

Missoula's Tower St. neighborhood flooding from Clark Fork River

Missoula County officials says flood waters tipped over power poles at the end of Tower Street and spanning across the river to Schmidt Lane.

Northwestern Energy spokesman, Butch Larcombe, said one of their transmission poles had been surrounded by water for a while and it eroded enough for the pole to tip over and droop lines into the river. The lines also appear to be tangled up in a big tree.

Those cables are de-energized but they are a significant safety hazard for anyone on the Clark Fork River.

The downed pole doesn’t impact service to any NWE customers. Larcombe said they’d had several power poles damaged by floodwaters so they de-energized that line several days ago as a precaution. He also said it’s in a remote location that’s difficult to get to so they’ll likely have to wait until the water goes down to repair it.

County officials say there is an increase in all types of debris due to flooding – trees, outbuildings and trailer homes. Fishing access sites are closed in the area and extreme caution is advised for anyone working in or around flood waters.

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