Frank Lloyd Wright building in Whitefish needs buyer by Wednesday

The Frank Lloyd Wright building in Whitefish is now fenced off from the public.

The fate of a historic building in Whitefish is still uncertain. The owner of the Frank Lloyd Wright building reportedly plans to demolish the building if he doesn’t find a buyer by Wednesday.

The building was built in 1958, a year before the renowned architect passed away.

We didn't get a response from the owner's attorney on whether they had found a buyer.

The asking price is $1.7 million.

John Petersen, who has been living in Whitefish since 1966, says it will be a big loss for the community if the building is demolished.

"It's a popular building," he said. "You never notice these things until they're gone, and now it's lost when you look at it the way it is. It's going to make a big difference for downtown; across the street, we're going to have more shortage of parking."

Plans are in the works to replace the building with a three-story, multi-use facility.

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