Gallatin Co. votes down election administrator position


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County commissioners decided Tuesday morning they would not separate the duties of their elections administrator and clerk and recorder. Right now both jobs are done by one person. 

Charlotte Mills, the current elections administrator and clerk and reporter, proposed separating the county clerk and the elections administrator. The resolution voted on Tuesday said election duties have increased and grown complex over the years. 

If approved the county would have created a separate full-time position for the elections administrator. That person would have been under the management of the county commission.

Commissioner Steve White said the county voted against it because they believe things work fine the way they are now. 

“We did say that if the clerk and recorder chooses to hire an elections administrator, which is what the resolution called for, we will address that in the budgeting cycle. I think all three county commissioners were in favor of that,” White said. 

The commissioner said if Mills hires a new elections administrator that person would be under her management, not the commission's, as proposed in the resolution. 

The vote was unanimous. NBC Montana reached out to Mills, but she said she is not providing any comment on the issue. 

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