RentTrack service helps renters build credit


    MISSOULA Mont., - When you apply for a credit card or request a loan for a new car or house, your credit score is what determines your eligibility. For some people, building credit can be difficult. NBC Montana sat down with University of Montana Economist Bryce Ward, who tells us what people tend to overlook. "None of the bills you pay show up in your credit report. That's why when people talk about credit reports they always talk about credit cards. You need to get a credit report every month, because that's the way you build your credit. It's fundamentally about your credit card," said Ward. Now there's a service that allows you to build your credit score while paying your rent. Experian and Transunion are teaming up to start an online rental payment plan known as RentTrack. It will allow users to pair rental payment histories with their credit scores. Renters can create an account on There is a monthly fee of $1.95. The renter asks the landlord to sign up with RentTrack and pay an additional $1.95. Renters are then able to monitor their credit scores on their personal profile. NBC Montana talked to a group of recent college graduates to ask them if they'd use RentTrack. Missoula resident Derek Minemyer tells us he would consider using the resource once he starts renting his own apartment. "I don't know much about the real world yet, I'm just talking baby steps, but I know that having good credit is a good thing and you have to pay your rent on time anyway, so it makes sense that it would build up your credit," said Minemyer. The service also allows landlords to screen their potential tenants.

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