Glacier Park International Airport not affected by government shutdown

    Pictured is Glacier Park International Airport where workers are not seeing affects of the government shutdown. (NBC Montana Photo)

    Airport security across the U.S. is seeing problems because of the government shutdown, but that's not the case at Glacier Park International Airport.

    A press release said GPIA’s security employees and control tower operations are not paid directly by the federal government.

    The director said they use private contractors whose services are earmarked and paid in advance, but if the shutdown lasts past the prepaid contracts then the airport would see impacts.


    The following is a press release from Glacier Park International Airport:

    Glacier Park International Airport Currently Unaffected by Government Shutdown

    Operations at Glacier Park International Airport are running smoothly in spite of a government shutdown that has caused travel hiccups for air travelers elsewhere. The control tower will continue to operate and be funded through the end of February 2019, per the Federal Aviation Administration.

    “Some airport functions at GPIA that are traditionally paid directly by the federal government are actually privatized - specifically, the control tower and security functions. That’s why GPIA isn’t currently experiencing travel impacts that have been felt at other airports,” said Airport Director Rob Ratkowski. “However, if the shutdown extends to a point where those pre-paid contracts are starting to run out, we’ll be proactive in mitigating issues so we can continue providing exceptional customer service at the airport.”

    Glacier Park International Airport utilizes contractors to manage Transportation Security Administration and control tower operations at the airport. Contracted services funds are earmarked and paid in advance, so the current contracts will allow GPIA to continue to function normally for the coming weeks.

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