Hearing set for Bozeman High School boundary line

    The boundary line for Bozeman's existing and new high school is closer to being drawn. (Photo: NBC Montana)

    With the choices narrowed down to two for a high school boundary line in Bozeman, parents have been invited to weigh in during the next school board meeting when the high school transition committee will detail their choices for a dividing line and make a recommendation.

    School officials say they want to be able to tell students and parents as soon as possible where they'll be going next year.

    The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Willson School Board Room.

    The committee started with five options in the fall and are now favoring options "B" and "D."

    "When we drew the options we drew them basically for geographic reasons, geographic separations, but since we started digging into the options we started thinking well how would this impact the students and how will it impact the culture of those two schools, " said Superintendent Rob Watson.

    On Wednesday, the transition committee will be having its own meeting at the Willson school library at 6 p.m. The public can give comment.

    More information on the boundary lines can be found here.

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