How much does going to the Olympics cost?

2018 Winter Olympics

Watching the Olympics on television is one thing, but seeing it in person is entirely different.

"If somebody really wants to do this, it has to be a bucket list thing," said travel advocate Kim Lewis, with Travel Cafe in Missoula .

And get ready to pay up.

"Some of the packages that include the accommodations are anywhere between $3,300 -- and if you want to do a five-star, anywhere up to $9,000. And that's for a seven-night stay," Lewis said.

Despite the games being just around the corner, Lewis said it's not too late to snag airfare, hotel or even tickets to see events.

"I would get booked as soon as possible. The fares (right now) aren't really that bad," Lewis said.

The average flight from Missoula is around $900. Another $200 gets you a train ride from Seoul, South Korea, to PyeongChang.

You can also make it the Opening Ceremony for $400. But if you wanted to be in the front row tickets start at upwards of $5,000.

Most events offer two-day deals. But don't expect to save a buck when you want to see a medal ceremony. Many times that more than quadruples the price.

When you want to grab food, look at paying anywhere between $6 to $18 a meal. And don't forget about exchange rates.

When you add it all up, you're looking at a cost close to $6,000 for the week. Or you could always stay at home and watch it for free.

With the exception of the hotel, all prices are per person, meaning a family of four could rack up $30,000 for the entire trip.

Another suggestion from experts is to book through a travel agent rather than trying to book it all by yourself. They can help navigate any potential problems and keep you safe from scams.

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