Howe Ridge Fire grows 921 acres, burns closer to Going-to-the-Sun Road

    howe ridge growth 8 16 am-page-001.jpg

    The Howe Ridge fire has blasted through at least 921 more acres. An overnight, infrared flight now sizes the wildfire in Glacier National Park at 3,499 acres.

    New infrared maps from overnight show it is sprawling out in many directions.

    The eastern front is roughly 1/2 mile from Going to the Sun Road and McDonald Creek.

    Expert heat specialists are detecting extensive areas of intense heat on most of the southern to northwestern flanks. An infrared flight over the fire at about 10:30 Wednesday night picked up intense heat in the small perimeter about a third of a mile to the northeast. National Infrared Operations technicians also detected a lot of hot spots filling in most of the rest of the perimeter, and abundant isolated heat sources as well.

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