Hundreds turn out for Kalispell pro-gun rally


A few hundred people turned out for the Rally for our Rights pro-gun rally in the Flathead Saturday.

This rally was organized by three high school students in response to recent "March for our Lives" rallies held across the country. The organizers told NBC Montana they picked April 14 because it was a month after those rallies.

Many people stood in Kalispell’s Depot Park holding signs that said things like ‘Don't tread on me’ and ‘Keep America free.’ Participants said they were fighting for their Second Amendment and First Amendment rights.

The rally started with a moment of silence for the soldiers fighting overseas, the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem followed.

Many people spoke at the rally including Columbia Falls High School student and organizer Braxton Shewalter.

Shewalter organized the pro-gun walk-out at Columbia Falls High School on March 14.

He said they are advocating for gun owners and young people who are pro-second amendment. He said he has heard from pro-gun youth from other states who are also trying to hold similar events.

The organizers told NBC Montana banning guns is not the answer, but they do support better background checks, banning bump stocks and addressing mental illness.

"I feel like it’s important to have an event like this because again the national media has silenced pro-gun use in this country,” said Shewalter. “We feel this is a great time to show, you know, with this youth led event that there are youth in this country that support the Second Amendment."

Braxton told NBC Montana he hopes to have more pro-gun events in the future.

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