Hunter mauled by grizzly bear released from Bozeman hospital

    Idaho resident Bob Legasa recovers following bear attack near Yellowstone National Park.<p>{/p}

    A hunter mauled by a sow grizzly bear north of Yellowstone National Park Saturday morning has been released from the hospital.

    Idaho resident Bob Legasa was released Tuesday from Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital after having his arm broken by a grizzly bear protecting her cub.

    Legasa told NBC Montana he's been hunting north of Yellowstone for about 10 years now.

    "As quickly as we saw the bears she was charging," Legasa said. "Like I was getting tackled by a football player."

    He didn't have enough time to grab his bear spray, but his hunting partner was just a few feet away and able to land a direct shot with the spray, causing the sow and cub to flee.

    "My girls never answer their phones on Saturday mornings, so I had to text them ‘Dad's been in a bear attack’,” said wife Jane Legasa. "He said he was just scratched. He was slapped."

    "I was just shocked to see his face," daughter Allison Legasa said. "How lucky he was. It was so close to both eyes."

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