Idaho wildlife official resigns after killing baboon family

Idaho wildlife official Blake Fischer

A top Idaho wildlife official has resigned amid outrage over a photo of him posing with a baboon family he killed in Africa.

Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter says he asked for and accepted Blake Fischer's resignation on Monday.

Fischer was one of seven members on the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

Fischer and his wife shot at least 14 animals in Namibia according to the photos and descriptions in an email he sent to more than 100 recipients.

One photo showed Fisher smiling with four dead baboons propped in front of him, blood visible on the abdomen of the smallest baboon. He used a bow and arrows to kill them

They also killed a giraffe, leopard, impala, sable antelope, waterbuck, kudu, warthog, gemsbok (oryx) and an eland.

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