Kalispell joins Whitefish in converting street lamps to LED lights

A streetlamp in Kalispell on Meridian Road.jpg

Kalispell is joining the city of Whitefish in converting street lamps to LED lights.

The city owns 454 light fixtures throughout the city. They’re estimating it will take five years to complete the conversion.

Phase one of this five-year endeavor will replace 81 of the 400-watt high pressure sodium luminaire heads on Meridian Road and Old Reserve Drive.

The city says it will bring a cooler and cleaner light, reducing 50 to 60 percent of energy consumption.

The cost for phase one of the conversion is reportedly $20,000, while the total cost of the project is $60,000.

Like Whitefish, Kalispell will receive a rebate from Flathead Electric’s Energy Conservation program for the conversion.

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