Kalispell residents have two weeks left to recycle Christmas trees

Christmas Tree ready to be picked up and recycled in Kalispell

Time is running out for Kalispell residents to have their Christmas trees recycled by the city.

For the past 20 years, the city has picked up christmas trees curbside for their residents. This is the seventh year a volunteer group has helped with this process.

They ask trees to be clean of all decorations and standing up right in the boulevard where they can see them.

They will not pick up trees that are on the ground, especially if they get buried in snow. Kalispell parks and recreation director Chad Fincher told NBC Montana they will not find the trees buried in snow until spring.

In the past they have collected about 7,000-10,000 trees. Fincher said they do not usually collect as many trees now because people use more artificial ones or find other ways to decorate.

All of the trees collected are recycled in a way that benefits Kalispell residents.

"So we started chipping them and using them for mulch beds,” said Fincher. “We provide it back to the community for free so if somebody wants to build a garden or wants to build a path or just wants to decorate their flower beds with it, we provide it back to the community."

Leftover mulch is offered to the community. The rest goes to Stoltz Lumber for their Biomass furnace.

Jan. 13 and 20 are the last two Saturdays the volunteer group will be out collecting trees.

They only collect trees within Kalispell city limits and do not offer a drop-off location.

The volunteer group goes around for about 3-4 hours on Saturdays and tries to hit all streets of the community twice.

Kalispell residents are also welcome to call the reception desk at the Park and Recreation Department at 406-758-7849 to let them know they have a tree to be picked up.

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