Lawsuit filed to get Mountain Water bills for taxpayers


    We get a lot of viewer feedback, comments and questions about the money our local government spends. We’re working for you, the taxpayers, to make sure we follow up.

    One of the questions we’ve never been able to answer -- detailed accounting of the estimated $9 million you spent on attorney fees to take over Missoula’s privately owned water company.

    The mayor said initially he thought the bill would be about $400,000.

    Throughout the entire process we’ve asked for invoices, billing statements and expert witness fees paid by taxpayers to private law firms hired by the city. The city has always denied our requests.

    We asked again last month, and the city said again that information couldn’t be released under attorney-client privilege rules and because it was their work product.

    We asked an attorney to go to court to try to get that information released so taxpayers can see how their money was spent.

    That lawsuit was filed last week. You can read it here.

    We’ll continue to ask questions and let you what we find out.

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