Libertarian candidate clears up confusion about the U.S. Senate race in Montana

Matt Rosendale

The Libertarian candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Montana is clearing up confusion over his comments on the race.

Rick Breckenridge is underscoring that he is still very much a candidate in this race.

Tuesday morning, KGVO Radio in Missoula reported that Breckenridge clarified that he said he supported Rosendale, but it is Rosendale who later claimed that Breckenridge endorsed him.

In a phone conference with NBC Montana on Oct. 31, Breckenridge said he endorsed Rosendale.

The senate candidate said "The influence that liberty has had in this race cannot be questioned and I think today that Matt Rosendale is going to be the best person to fulfill that obligation and that roll."

"So I am here today to support Matt and his candidacy and endorse him in his continuing effort to be the front man in the cause of liberty," said Breckenridge.

On October 31st, The Associated Press reported that the chairman of the Montana Libertarians disavowed comments from Breckenridge that support Rosendale.

Frances Wendt says the Libertarian Party doesn't support Rosendale because he's from another party and lacks a strong enough stance on privacy issues.

Breckenridge announced his support for Rosendale in response to a mailer sent by an unknown group that appeared aimed at undermining Rosendale's support among conservatives.

The mailer is reminiscent of tactics used by Democratic-friendly groups in Tester's 2012 race to promote the Libertarian candidate and peel away Republican voters.

Wendt says that if Libertarians lose votes because of Breckenridge's support of Rosendale it could make it harder for the party to qualify for future ballots.

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