Lolo Peak Brewery announces second location in Old Sawmill District


MISSOULA, Mont. - The owners of Lolo Peak Brewery have announced that they will be opening their second location in The Old Sawmill District. The Old Sawmill District is located near Allegiance Field in Missoula. The Old Sawmill District celebrated the ground breaking for the beginning of a new development. The development will bring food and housing to a growing community. Patrick Offen is the co-owner of Lolo Peak Brewery and explains he's had plans for more than a year to build a second location. "(We) wanted to create Lolo and see how that went. We kind of had a dream there and once we kind of saw that come together, we knew it would be a good fit here in the Sawmill District," said Offen. They've already released blue prints for the new place. Offen is looking forward to a family friendly environment. "We've had a great response with it with Lolo and we think what we bring here with the kids and the bikers and the parking here will provide the same thing for this community and all of Missoula," said Offen. Offen believes the new brewery will be different than others because of its full bar featuring local spirits and homemade sodas and wine. Aside from a kid friendly environment, the brewery will offer the same specials as its Lolo Peak Location. "We will do our pint nights of course, we try to get involved as much as we can with non-profits and events. So I think we'll have a lot of fun events out here for the family," said Offen.

The owners have a few things left to do leading up to the construction of the site this fall. The project is estimated to cost around five million dollars.

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