MCPS approves medication policy change

Missoula County Public Schools approve medication change

Missoula County Public Schools approved the first reading of a change to the district’s medication policy.

The policy implements an opioid antagonist called Narcan.

With the district’s approval, it means some of the medical staff can administer Narcan for an opioid overdose or suspected overdose before emergency officials arrive.

Select nurses and district officials have been trained on using the drug, which will be free.

Superintendent Mark Thane says the development is positive.

“I could also potentially see community members in a crisis situation benefiting from this, and I would also be remiss I didn't say essentially there is a good Samaritan clause that there is no liability incurred, essentially to the individuals who do administer,” said Thane.

The board will do a second reading of the revised policy in July.

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