Medical Aid volunteers prepare to leave for Honduras


    MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula Medical Aid is getting everything ready to head to Honduras. Team 47 will be leaving Saturday.

    Eight volunteers are leaving from Missoula, but there are a total of around 18 volunteers attending the trip. Some people are coming from Butte and Boise

    The team will work with Hondurans once they arrive.

    Volunteers consist of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, interpreters and laypeople. Doctors set up day clinics to help the patients in the villages and a team of orthopedic specialists go to the local hospital and help with orthopedic work.

    "What I've really liked about it is over the years, I've enjoyed going down with a lot of different people. I've made a lot of different friends. I've learned so much about the capacity of teams to come together and figure out how they can be effective," said David Cates, the executive director of Missoula Medical Aid .

    This November will mark the 17th anniversary of the volunteer trips to Honduras. Cates said he has participated in about 35 trips.

    The budget for Missoula Medical Aid is $150,000, which covers the cost of three volunteer trips.

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