Minor flooding continues in Bitterroot, river holds fairly steady

Water from the Bitterroot River has crept onto fields near its banks at Victor Crossing. But although river levels rose with a couple warm days the forecast shows it will remain just below flood stage throughout next week.

Ravalli County's low spots continue to see minor flooding.

On Thursday water from the Bitterroot River was overflowing onto adjacent fields at Victor Crossing.

But unlike Missoula County, which has seen massive flooding, the Bitterroot Valley has been fairly fortunate.

Low spots like fishing accesses are wet.

Emergency Services Director Erik Hoover said with cooler temperatures and cloud cover the river saw a" pretty good drop" in the past week.

"However, we have had a couple warm days that brought the river levels back up," he said. "And throughout the next week we're looking for the Bitterroot River to be approaching flood stage again. But the forecast shows it will remain just below flood stage throughout the next week."

Hoover said minor flooding in the valley is more evident from mountain streams. There has been overflow from drainages onto roads.

Hoover said higher elevation snow has a lot of water content, especially on the west side of the valley. He said there has been "good meltoff."

Last week he said much of the valley on the west side had snow pack that was 175 percent of normal.

He said this week that's been reduced to 150 percent of normal.

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