Missoula changes City Council ward boundaries

    The City of Missoula approved new city council ward boundaries. (Photo: NBC Montana)

    Missoula has seen a lot of change in the last two years. The city just annexed 3,200 acres of land including Missoula International Airport.

    Wards two, four, five and six have been redrawn to reflect population growth. Most of the growth has taken place in ward two, where the airport annexation was.

    “I think the number was 700 new residents to the city, so that creates a bigger jump in the population into that ward,” said Laval Means. Means is part of the team that created the new ward map.

    Each ward now has about 12,000 residents.

    Ward six was one most impacted. Historically, its boundary line has been the Clark Fork River between Russell and Reserve Street. In order to shrink ward two, ward six now has to expand across the river to Palmer Street.

    “People in ward two have had changes to their ward the past three cycles, which typically happens every two years,” said Michelle Cares. Cares represents ward six.

    Regardless of the new boundaries, Cares says people should feel free to contact any council member no matter who your representative is.

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