Missoula Free Cycles scrambles to save business


    MISSOULA, Mont. - The landowners want to sell the property where Free Cycles is located.

    The owners gave Free Cycles an opportunity to buy the space, but they might be running out of time.

    Owners say the price tag on the land is $1.1 million.

    Free Cycles has raised $260 thousand, they need to come up with $125 thousand to be able to afford the down payment.

    People in the community will be sad if they have to relocate.

    "There is a lot of people that come here and depend on them to help them out with free bikes, I mean bikes are expensive now a days and a lot of people depend on them as a mode of transportation, a lot of people with lower incomes, so I think they are a great service to the community," said John Hughes Missoula resident.

    Community members donated the $260,000.

    "Our grass roots efforts have been bake sales, raffles, concerts and pennies and dollars, it has definitely been a multitude of community support," said Free Cycles Executive Director Bob Giordano.

    There is one other hurdle for Free Cycles to jump over.

    "We need someone to sign a paper saying if we do not make our payments they will be responsible. The bonus is they will get the property if we default," said Giordano.

    With just four days left before the deadline is up, Free Cycles is confident they will be able to get everything they need to stay where they are.

    If you would like to help Free Cycles, click here to donate.

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