Missoula homeowners continue cleanup after spring flooding

    Tower Street residents and Kehrwald Drive residents cleanup after flooding

    For Kathy Galvaby and her family, Wednesday was more than just a nice summer day in July. That’s because Galvaby lives on Kehrwald Drive in Missoula, where back in April the street was underwater. The floodwater has since receded, but the damage remains.

    Galvaby has lived there since 1982. She told NBC Montana that this flood was the worst she’s ever seen.

    She said it looked “like a lake. It was high. It was the highest it's been.”

    Galvaby learned the hard way that some things are priceless and cannot be replaced.

    "We lost a lot of personal things, like all my high school annuals, my husband's high school annuals, his Army annuals, some photos, some things that, you know, if you look back could have put them higher or whatever, but that's the way it goes,” said Galvaby.

    Residents of the neighborhood were evacuated at the peak of the flood. Kehrwald Drive reopened last week allowing homeowners the chance to begin the inevitable cleanup.

    “I'm glad I'm back home just to try to get everything done,” said Galvaby.

    Sandbags, wreckage and debris still line the street, fences have been destroyed and still need to be repaired.

    A dumpster will be brought in on Friday to help alleviate some of the mess.

    “I don't think I can do this again,” Galvaby said.

    She says her neighbors are moving as a result of the devastation. She and her husband are considering the idea as well.

    For now, all they can do is clean and hope the next flood won’t be as damaging.

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