Missoula police concerned for missing woman’s welfare

Jermain Charlo

After one month, detectives are again asking the public for help finding a missing woman who they think could be a victim of human trafficking or kidnapping.

Jermain Charlo, also known as Liz, went missing one month ago. Tuesday, detectives put out updated pictures in hopes someone will recognize her and provide some new information.

Charlo, 23, sometimes goes by the last name Morigeau. Her hair is brown ombre, fading to a lighter color near the ends. On the night she went missing, she was wearing a grey Under Armor hoodie, a baseball cap with three trees on it, jeans and cow girl boots. She also had wide gages in her ears.

Detective Guy Baker with the Missoula Police Department said the longer she’s been missing, the more they worry that she’s in danger.

"The more time that goes by, the more concerned that we get. Monitoring social media and talking to family and friends -- no one seems to have heard from her and the fact that she's not checking or active on social media is concerning for us too," said Baker.

She was last seen Friday night, June 15, into the early morning hours of June 16. That night she visited three Missoula bars – Badlander, Golden Rose and the Dark Horse.

Anyone who has any information is urged to call Detective Guy Baker (406) 396-3217, Detective Dean Chrestenson (406) 396-3261 or their local law enforcement agency.

“We’re requesting assistance from the public because we have, so far, been unable to determine what has happened to Jermain. So maybe there’s somebody out there that knows what happened to her or where she is currently and we’re hoping that she is just out there somewhere that we’ve not been able to find her and she’s okay. But the more time that goes by, it’s more concerning for us that maybe her welfare is in jeopardy,” said Baker.

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