Missoula rock climber heading to nationals

The Gnar Pirates rock climbing team is talking strategy with parents and coaches

The Gnar Pirates rock climbing team has one girl heading to nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah, this weekend. The team, which is made up of 20-plus people, competed two weeks ago.

Inez Rolston-Clemmer, 10, advanced to nationals. She is expecting to have a lot of supporters in the crowd and says she won’t be too nervous.

“I kind of block everything out and find a fun way to do it,” says Rolston-Clemmer.

The Gnar Pirates haven’t been around for long.

Head coach Justin Willis, who competed in nationals 10 years ago, says the rules have changed since he was there. It used to be the higher you get the more points you would get, but now it based on sections. If you finish section A it’s 5 points, section B is 10 points and section C is worth 15, and if you get all the way to the top it’s worth 25 points.

With the rule changes, Willis believes it’s more about strategy.

“At that point, making it one more hold might not matter all that much and make you tired for the next round, so figuring out the balance is cool,” said Willis.

Even though Rolston-Clemmer was the only one on here team to make it, she says she feels the support from her family and her teammates.

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