Missoulians to vote on levy, bond for open space

During Monday’s Missoula City Council meeting, members decided to support a county hearing on a proposed $15-million-dollar open space bond. The motion passed on a vote of 9 to 1.

Missoulians will get to vote on two open space measures this November. That could increase how much taxpayers shell out.

We’ve told you about a $15 million Open Space Bond on the ballot. Also on the November ballot will be a $500,000 mill levy that would pay to maintain and improve open spaces. The money could also be used to buy more land.

If the levy passes the owner of a home valued at $200,000 will pay a little under $11 each year. If the bond passes add another $18 to that.

Many support both measures and say they go hand in hand. Others worry about continuously rising costs.

“I think what's so great is … public lands are our common grounds, figuratively and literally. And people from all walks of life want to conserve that quality of life that we have here,” said outdoor enthusiast Mike Foote.

“Right now to have a development in the city of Missoula you have to dedicate 11 percent to a park, to open space. So Missoula already has a check on that. This is complete overkill. And it's overkill that it's turning the city of Missoula into a country club,” said Missoula City Council member Jesse Ramos.

The $15 million bond total would be split evenly between the city and the county.

You can read more about the bond and levy here.

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