Butte Research Hydrogeologist seeks land for drone training

A MBMG Research Hydrogeologist is seeking land to teach students about drone technology

A Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Research Hydrogeologist is working hard trying to get a training area for drone flying. The hard part is getting the county to approve it.

Officials said all of Montana Tech’s campus would be a fly zone, as well as trail areas west of campus by the World Museum of Mining and the Big M on the hill.

It's part of Hydrogeologist Jeremy Crowley’s UAV training program for students to research and fly drones.

Crowley said it's illegal to fly drones at night, over people and beyond line of sight.

With the approved land, he said there will always be a licensed drone pilot supervising students.

Crowley said drone technology is a growing field.

"There's a massive demand for students who have their license for drone flight. That can be in engineering work, construction work or mining. There's just a wide spectrum of industries interested in drone work.,” Crowley said.

Crowley said Butte-Silver Bow commissioners are discussing the proposal.

He said he agreed to do a presentation at a commissioners meeting in the future.

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