Montanans contribute to critically low blood supply

Donors give blood at Highgate Senior Living.

Winter weather and a severe flu season have led to a critically low blood supply across Montana and Idaho, says the American Red Cross.

Rep. Greg Gianforte and his wife, Susan, were on hand to support several donors at a blood drive Monday at Highgate Senior Living.

Bozeman resident Karen Steinberg told NBC Montana she has been donating for 20 years. She said the thought of helping others keeps her going.

β€œIt's important for other people. It's important for me to help other people. I feel very strongly about it,” Steinberg said. β€œI've been donating blood for over 20 years, and I just think that it's something that everybody that's able to do should be doing."

To find out when and where you can donate, click here.

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