Montanans heading to assist Hurricane Michael victims


    It may be a couple thousand miles away, but Montanans are already finding ways to help those affected by Hurricane Michael.

    Montana Red Cross staff and volunteers did the same two weeks ago, after Hurricane Florence made landfall on the East Coast.

    Red Cross officials say five Montanans are planning to head to the Gulf coast to aid victims of Michael.

    NBC Montana spoke to one Red Cross staffer who lives in Polson about the upcoming trip.

    "I just think we send amazing people. They're very well trained," said regional disaster officer Colleen Tone. "They're just great people that go to represent Montana and other states."

    Tone will supervise one of the shelters in Florida.

    So far 38 shelters have been set up on the Gulf Coast.

    According to Red Cross officials, about 200 disaster volunteers are in Montana, with a quarter of them available to deploy to disasters like Michael.

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