New report moves Bozeman community plan along

Downtown Bozeman

The city of Bozeman is moving forward with updating its community plan. It’s moving along after the release of a new report detailing population and economic trends.

The report said the city has five economic segments that make it unique -- the university, a strong tech sector, tourism and recreation, the health care industry and its role as a regional trade center.

The report also highlights the city's challenges, which include low wage levels and a tough housing market.

Bozeman's community development manager, Chris Saunders, said this information is key to updating the community plan. The document sets policy regarding land use.

“The last time we did that officially citywide was 2009. Obviously, the community's changed quite a bit since then, and so the commission has funded a project to do an update for that document,” Saunders said.

The city's Department of Community Development will present the report next Tuesday at city hall. That presentation is open to the public and starts at 6 p.m.

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