New report shows no reprieve for high gas prices

The price of unleaded fuel in Missoula is 9 cents more than the national average according to AAA gas prices

A new report from AAA says drivers are spending nearly $70 more to fill up their tanks compared to last summer.

During the summer months gas prices usually climb, and a Montana driver we talked to says he’s used to it.

“Gas prices are expensive travelling around, especially when it comes to summer, I feel like they always are increasing,” Casey said.

According to AAA gas prices, the national average is $2.90 a gallon for unleaded, and Montana is 4 cents higher at $2.94 a gallon.

Driver Carl Spangrude says Missoula is a great place to find alternative transportation.

"Missoula’s a great bike city with the Kim William,s and there are no hills, so if I can ride my bike I do,” said Spangrude.

Driving long distances for summer vacation can prevent folks from going on vacation, but Spangrude doesn’t see it that way.

"There is nothing I can do about the gas prices, so if I’m going on a trip I’m just going to have to deal with it,” said Spangrude.

With little relief coming, AAA says to drive the speed limit, keep your tires full and don’t overload your car.

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