New shooting center opens in Bozeman

The Zero In Indoor Shooting Center in Bozeman opens its doors.

Montanans now have a new place to shoot. The Zero In Indoor Shooting Center opened its doors to first-time and veteran shooters after about two and a half years of planning and a $4.5 million investment.

The center, located off Jackrabbit Lane in Bozeman, is home to a simulation room, shooting range and guns for rent and purchase, according to owner Andrew Ruhland.

"When we get people that come through that front door we want them to feel safe,” Ruhland said. “We want them to feel that they're in an environment that there's people -- our staff, everybody shows them what safe really means as far as handling the firearm, how to present the firearm and to keep the community safe at the same time."

Ruhland told NBC Montana local law enforcement has utilized the center for training exercises.

"It's critical, because with today, the way things are going, we want the citizens that are within our area, within the states, within the world to know we're training and doing what we can to make sure and rest assure that everybody's safe."

Ruhland said each employee has 40 hours of training under their belt to show customers how to handle rifles, pistols, revolvers and more.

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center is open seven days a week.

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