Parents weigh in on Bozeman school boundary line

    Option D is the favored boundary line among Bozeman school officials to divide the two high schools. (Photo: NBC Montana)

    At Tuesday's school board meeting in Bozeman, school officials described their methodology for how they narrowed down their options for a school boundary line for the new and existing high schools.

    Superintendent Rob Watson went through the various data the high school transition committee considered back when they started with five high school boundary line options in the fall: A through E.

    This included looking at demographics, family income levels and student participation in extracurricular activities and AP courses.

    It was all in their quest to create as equal of schools as possible.

    Parents were also allowed to give public comment during the meeting.

    About 10 parents weighed-in during the meeting about the favored option "D" boundary line favored among school officials.

    Many of them expressed concern about how it would split up the schoolchildren from middle school and elementary schools.

    "I personally, strongly believe in the value of continuity of school community. I know it's been shown when kids go to school throughout their career and they don't get divided up with moving or schools changing; there's less violence there's less drugs," said one mother.

    "You know they work really hard through middle school, they made it through that place; now they go to high school -- only 2 out of every 10 kids they're attending high school with, will have been in their same band...the intimidation factor when you're trying to put yourself out there," said another parent.

    The school board said there is no easy solution during the transition.

    They said the only solution is to try to provide as best of an education as possible to the students at each school.

    The high school transition committee will have its own meeting Wednesday at the Willson School Library at 6 p.m.

    But there is no set date for a final decision on the boundary line.

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