Pioneer Log Homes builds entryway for resort, golf course


VICTOR, Mont. - Log home industry workers saw a lot of down time during the recession. But that's picking up.

NBC Montana has a follow-up to a story we brought you a few weeks ago, about a log home company in Victor.

Pioneer Log Homes had hired more workers. Now, many of them have been working 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

That's because the company had a major request. It built a massive, new entryway for a resort and golf course near Branson, Missouri. It was a rush job for an important golf tournament in April.

"A PGA-hosted tournament called The Legends," said Pioneer Log Homes owner Jay Pohley.

Crews did a lot of overtime to make sure it got done before deadline.

"We were designing as we were building," said Pohley. "So that's always a challenge." But it got built.

After that, it needed to be disassembled, log by log.

It's a huge structure -- 48 feet deep and 80 feet wide.

"It accommodates semis going underneath," said Pohley. "And two full-time gate houses that will be serving that traffic."

After disassembly, the pre-cut logs had to be loaded for shipment.

"Right now, we're doing the loading process to ship. We disassembled the roof," said worker Tony Sisson.

Securing, hoisting and loading logs this size takes precision. They're hefty.

The logs were loaded onto 45 feet trucks for shipment to Missouri. Once there, a Pioneer crew will reassemble them, in time for the golf tournament in April.

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