Police warn of email scam targeting Bozeman businesses

An email scam known as "CEO fraud" is targeting Bozeman businesses, according to police.

The Bozeman Police Department is warning of an email scam, known as CEO fraud, targeting employees of several local businesses throughout the city.

Detective Scott McCormick told NBC Montana scammers are posing as executives at various companies to fool victims into sending wire transfers or confidential tax information. McCormick said scammers use your boss's name and company logo in the email to make the request for money look legitimate.

"This would be an email that you're getting from the CEO or the president or the vice president of the company asking you to do something, usually wiring money somewhere," McCormick said. "So if you're at work and you got that email, it would be more believable."

McCormick said if you get an email from a coworker or friend asking for money the department recommends following up with them in person. Police advise against sending money online or over the phone.

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