Popular Stevensville bridge access open again

FILE photo (MGN)

A popular access point to the Bitterroot River at the Stevensville Bridge is open again for floaters and others. The site is located primarily on private property and was closed by the previous landowner early last summer, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks said.

That site is now under new ownership and the new owners have provided similar access to what was available in the past, FWP said.

"The new agreement says that boaters, anglers and other recreationists can drive or walk into the site and access the boat ramp and parking area. It calls for visitors to stay within marked boundaries and park in the designated areas. In return, FWP will provide the landowners with some site maintenance, monitoring and regulation enforcement," said Vivaca Crowser of FWP.

According to FWP, after the site was closed last year, the city of Stevensville, Ravalli County and other public officials came together to help find an interim solution to get public access to the river in the same general area.

“There has been a lot of community interest and involvement in maintaining access to the Bitterroot at Stevensville Bridge, and we wouldn’t have reached this point without the landowner’s generosity and this broad commitment to finding a solution,” said Pat Saffel, FWP Region 2 Fisheries Manager.

“We look forward to putting together a site plan that fits the needs of our host landowners and community and keeps the area accessible and in great shape for years to come,” Saffel said.

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