Portion of Idaho Highway 12 closed


MISSOULA, Mont. - Idaho transportation officials closed roughly 60 miles of Highway 12 on Wednesday due to an increased avalanche danger. The area closed runs from Milepost 100 to 161, from Lowell to Powell.

Montana transportation staff members tell NBC Montana that Idaho officials don't know at this time how long the closure will last. It could take multiple days.

Many businesses in the Lolo area rely heavily on traffic from truckers and other travelers that use Highway 12.

"A lot of our business is off of Highway 12 and that pass, so it is a pretty important spot for us," said Alex Kopp, a cashier with Lolo Super Stop.

"We did have it closed during the fire season so that's how I know that it is very important...Most people would think that we would be very busy during the fire season and for some part we were but we did lose a lot of business because of the lack of travel," said Kopp.

Kopp says some customers have been discussing the closure when they stop in at the store.

"We had one guy who actually drove all the way out there and had to come back and hook on I-90 to get over," said Kopp.

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