Protestors change 'L' on Mount Jumbo to 'LIAR'


    Protestors changed the “L” on Missoula’s Mount Jumbo to the word “LIAR” this morning in advance of President’s Trump’s visit.

    Missoula officials say the group that made the word “LIAR” on Mount Jumbo has violated open space rules by going off trails.

    Missoula city officials now tell us they are trying to contact the group to get them to remove the letters.

    The “L” represents Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School.

    Missoula police say the “L” is owned by Loyola, but that the rest of the land is open space and of public use.

    Police officials say Missoula Mayor John Engen told police the sign can stay there as long as whoever put it up is monitoring it.

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