Red Flag Warning to go into effect in Bozeman, other regions


    The first Red Flag Warning of the season is set to go into effect in Bozeman and other parts of Southwest Montana Wednesday.

    The warning will be in effect from noon until 9 p.m.

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    Hyalite Fire Department's assistant chief, Brian Nickolay, A 13-year-veteran, said dry grass is often what ignites fast-spreading wildfires and they're asking residents to be extra cautious.

    Nickolay says Wednesday's expected conditions are the perfect mixture for a wildfire.

    "The weather that is forecasted tomorrow with the high temperatures, the dry air, with the relative humidity being pretty low and the wind along with that, that's kinda what creates these conditions they'll put the warnings out for," Chief Nickolay said.

    Wednesday's Red Flag Warning in Bozeman and regions to the north have firefighters on high alert.

    "Historically when we get these kind of warnings, it's usually fairly accurate, you know, if the conditions lineup and there's an ignition that a fire's gonna be able to carry and be able to spread rapidly," he added.

    According to the chief, that means absolutely no fireworks and no campfires Wednesday.

    "We rely more on people just to be smart about what they're doing and prevent fires from starting. So, you know, if you have some sort of campfire tonight make sure it's well out and maybe check it again in the morning to make sure it's cool."

    He said extra firefighters are on standby as well.

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