Stranded hikers rescued in Scapegoat Wilderness

Two Bear Air Rescue

According to a Facebook post, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's says that, "Everyone is now out and safe."

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton confirmed early Tuesday that Two Bear Air helicopters were rescuing 13 people who were stranded overnight in the Scapegoat Wilderness.

Dutton says the group crossed the Dearborn River Monday, but then it rose and the hikers could not get back over the river.

The hikers brought enough supplies to spend the night in the wilderness.

Dutton says Two Bear Air rescuers are currently in the process of shuttling hikers back and forth from a location near the Benchmark Campground, because high waters are flooding the actual campground.

Sheriff's vehicles are then shuttling the rescued hikers to Augusta.

Flooding is making travel through Augusta difficult, officials are closing Highway 287 south of Augusta due to water on the roadway the Elk Creek area.

Other routes in and out of Augusta are open.

Dutton is reporting no injuries at this time.

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