Ride company prepares for safe weekend at Tri-County Fair

    Ride company prepares for a safe weekend at the Tri-County Fair

    Kid’s Fun Zone and Amusements is the company that provides the carnival rides and bounce houses for the Tri-County Fair in Deer Lodge.

    Jeff Erickson, part owner of the amusement company, says having fun ranks second to safety.

    “Most importantly keeping people safe,” said Erickson.

    He says in the seven years he’s had the company he hasn’t had any injuries. Erickson says he and his crew perform numerous safety inspections throughout the day.

    “We are always safe. I don’t think that you can do enough to be extra safe. So you just always have to be aware,” said Erickson.

    He says ride operators need to be cautious of cables, pins, safety belts and the actions of children on rides.

    “You have to make sure you’re strapping kids in properly, that they’re the right size for the ride, that they’re following the rules when they’re in the rides,” said Erickson.

    Click here for more information about the fair.

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